Get Your City Garden Ready For The Winter

So far this year in Berlin we have had a very summer-like autumn, what is known in English as an ‘Indian Summer’. In Germany they call it an ‘Altweibersommer’ (or, Old Woman’s Summer) and in Italy it is known as ‘L’estate di San Martino.’ Whatever you call it, we at Nebula House aren’t yet ready for winter. For gardeners, preparing for winter takes a bit of strategy and dedication.

Many people in big cities like ours have small terrace gardens. In the winter, some people simply close the terrace doors when the cold starts to come and then throw those doors open in the spring to find a bunch of dead plants. For the green-thumbed or the aspiring gardener, things are a little different.

Those people have a plan.

Some of those plans are evolved strategies and schemes for winter outdoor gardening, while others employ a few simple strategies to minimize the havoc that winter wreaks on outdoor plants. One of the simplest things to do, if you have the space inside your apartment, is to bring in your plants from the cold and put them on a window sill. This works for many plants and plant lovers, just be careful in the winter not to over water. Don’t forget to prune the plants back and add a bit of fertilizer.

If you don’t have the space to bring your plants in or don’t want to, consider building a greenhouse. We found some great makeshift and DIY greenhouse ideas on the Balcony Garden Web website.
For the brave souls with warm winter coats, you guys can just step out onto the terrace twice a week or so and water your plants. If you do choose to leave them outside without the cover of a greenhouse, make sure to use burlap or another breathable material to cover them during cold spells – particularly if they are fragile.

Send us an email or reach out on social media to let us know how you are protecting your city garden in the winter. We’d love some fresh ideas.