Coming Soon: Let Go, Little Clown

Written by M. M. Leddon
Illustrated by Elena Resko

In Development

Berlin, 16 July 2018

Ta-da! Announcing our newest project and soon-to-be-released Digital Storybook & App: Let Go, Little Clown… a story made for kids and clowns alike from Nebula House Publishing. We are pooling all our energy and gearing up for the release of this aspiring Little Clown into the world. Her trials and tribulations will be available in the not so distant future on Apple and Android devices.

Written by the prodigious M. M. Leddon, the story follows a Little Clown through a series of Digital Storybooks as she tries to find her place and make her way in the world of clowns.
This is a Storybook and App for children between the ages of four and eight years old and for all the parents that love to read with them.

But, if you are a grown up and want to read it alone — that’s ok by us. We read children’s books all the time.

Elena Resko, is the über talented illustrator of Let Go Little Clown. A painstaking, professional and perfectionist, she loves mucking about in all the fabulous details of Little Clown’s world.

This week – thanks to Unity – we are animating the first part of the illustrations. Giovanna, Nebula House’s tireless producer and designer, has her hands smack dab in the middle of the vibrant colorful world of this little character… so much so that we have to drag her out of her office once a day and feed her.

So this project is not ready yet, but we wanted you to know for now that Little Clown is on her way in the nic of time, and being handled with loving care by an independent digital publishing house and crew.

Check in next week for more updates.