Gideon The Neighbor’s Vagabond Cat

A super short, real, story about the going on around our office here in the northernmost part of Berlin. Our kiez isn’t as wild as some other parts of Berlin, but we have foxes, the occasional raccoon and some big crows. Our neighbor has a cat through — a big, beautiful cat that we also call Gideon.

The neighbor’s Gideon is funny, he loves to stare at us when we are eating (like Gideon) but unlike Nebula House’s Digital Gideon, he isn’t friendly and he runs away at the first sign of an impending cuddle. He enjoys his freedom in nearby gardens and parks — but despite seeming to have it all, he is, in reality, a somewhat unlucky cat.

For example, last year he climbed a tree in an effort to reach a raven’s nest. Within two seconds of his ascent, he was surrounded by the raven-mom and dad, who flew around him and hit him with their sharp hooks. He sure learned his lesson and after that kept his distance from the trees.


Then one day, a fox came to our shared-garden and had a spat with the cat. Poor Gideon!

We spent two hours searching for him with all of our neighbors. We could hear him crying near the woodshed, but we still couldn’t find him. We were all forlorn in the neighborhood because after that he all but disappeared.


But today, finally, after four heartbreaking days, Gideon is back! We saw him in the garden. He has a little limp now, but nothing too serious it seems. We were all so happy to see him alive that we decided to share with you this little moment of our working day.