Every Digital Cloud Has a Silver-Lining

It is not news that many kids start using digital products when they are toddlers, which begs the question: Are we creating a generation of little digital ZOMBIES?

The answer is yes, and, moreover, we are creating them through our own poor example. We adults, often feverishly browse social networks, skim articles on smartphones and spend our afternoons in front of the computer. Sometimes, we succeed and manage to slip out from under our children’s watchful gaze and hide in various corners of the house, but, eventually, they find us huddled in the closet or hiding behind the shower curtain. Our children are desperately trying to get closer to us while we are lost in the digital worlds that we seek refuge in.


What can parents do? We want to raise our children in the healthiest way possible and we want to protect them from the monsters that we are slowly learning lurk in digital space.

At NebulaHouse, we believe that tablets, computers, smartphones and the apps and software we run on them are only tools and that they are neither 100% good nor 100% bad. We have been asking ourselves lately how long we should allow our children to use these tools and what type of content we should put on them. To consider those questions, we are starting a new blog series dedicated to our young digital natives and their relationship to technology entitled, “Every Digital Cloud Has a Silver Lining.

Parents, teachers and friends of kids everywhere, let’s join forces and offer our youngest ‘gourmands’ of digital sounds, shapes and colors guidance on how to use these newfound digital tools. In order to do that, we need to also learn how to use those tools ourselves.

Here at NebulaHouse we are interested in learning how to responsibly consume technology – not in being consumed by it. Our goal is to offer content that has reasonably and appropriately considered the psycho-social and physical development of children. We want to keep improving. In the ensuing posts in this series you will find news, advice, ideas and requests for support on matters relating to kids and digital products. We invite you to read, meditate and comment on our website. First, we recommend that you turn off the computers and go play with your kids!

If you want to know more about our digital content for children (NOT FOR ZOMBIE-KIDS!), click here.

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