Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Don't be Afraid of the Dark - Nebula House Apps for Children

Read, explore, and discover that lurking in dark there is just… the dark!

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is a hair-raising adventure into a common fear that we all share — the fear of being alone. The story and its compelling visuals have been specially-designed to help children explore their fears. In Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, you’ll discover mysterious shadows and spooky noises hidden around every corner.

The fear of the dark tends to appear around the time when children’s imaginations are just emerging. We developed this digital story to help parents and teachers help the children in their care begin to identify and address those fears.

Kids overcome the fear of the dark with this interactive story about a little monster who needs help to unmask the things that go bump in the night.


  • Advertising free
  • Kid-friendly interface
  • Hundreds of lively sounds and animations
  • Engaging story
  • Drawing and shadow games
  • Rule and stress free!

Nebula House FAMILY CONCEPT. Everything we do at Nebula House is designed to get parents involved and active in their children’s digital and real world lives.




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