New Website and Other Big News!

We have a new website and it looks amazing! I mean, I know, maybe we are a bit too wrapped up in the Nebula House world and we aren’t so impartial but, have look, we are loving this style.

We also have some other big news! Nebula House is consolidating its business model and our web presence thanks to our new and super talented team: Michelle, wunderbar English editor, Francesca, translator and editor extraordinaire, and last but not least, Elena, our megawatt talented, in-house illustrator.

In the last month and a half we have been keeping a low profile while preparing for our new website launch and while developing some new projects for mid-summer and fall release.

We also started some exciting new projects in collaboration with a prominent Italian Facebook page. We are creating digital magazines and doing Italian language editing on projects like this one.

Don’t worry (not that you are, but we like creating drama) our main business is still creating great original eBooks and digital apps — but we also do work on commission. For now, we can only say that we are building up digital products that will engage children, parents, adults and domestic animals in real life as well as in the digital world.

We know what you are thinking. Why don’t the just release one app every week, get rich buy a yacht and sail the seven seas?
Because we care. Our publications are always tested by the children in our own lives that we love and care for. We would never give to our kids something that doesn’t satisfy us 100%. This is why we work to improve things as much as possible present an end result that is well-considered and that brings joy to kids and adults alike.

If you are reading this blog now — Thanks! It is nice to know that there is life out there in the universe. We are committed to keeping Nebula House’s blog up-to-date with a wide variety of content that is based on our expertise, past times and on your response.

So, that’s all for today. Signing off. Till then.