About Us

Nebulae are interstellar clouds of dust and gas from which new stars are formed.


NebulaHouse is a digital publisher of quality writing and stories. Our enthusiasm for the original and universal in writing is boundless. Our sights and imaginations are set on the stars, nevertheless, we remain connected to the here and now and to the people and projects around us.

NebulaHouse has laid claim to a small corner of digital space and we are working to pull from that little cluster of chaos, original and inspiring eBooks and Apps for our customers to take into the free space of their lives. Our editorial line, like a nebula, is open and in the process of shaping itself into to something remarkable. At present we have an affinity for irony, the eclectic and the unexpected.


Contatti Nebula House Contatti Nebula House
Giovanna Chilese
Founder & Editor

M. M. Leddon
English Editor
Contatti Nebula House Contatti Nebula House

Francesca Maculan
Italian Editor & Translator

Elena Resko


** With very special thanks to all the NebulaHouse creative partners including the authors and illustrators who have helped grow the Nebula universe through the contributions of their myriad texts, illustrations, and ideas.